YOOK SUNG JAE : An accomplished artist

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YOOK SUNG JAE is member and Maknae (youngest member) of the group BTOB and its sub-unit BTOB BLUE.

YOOK SUNG JAE was born on May, 2nd 1995 in YONGIN. He has an older sister called SUNGYOUNG. He enlisted on May 11th 2020, on the same day with the other member IM HYUNSIK, and will be discharged on November 2021.


YOOK SUNG JAE did, before auditionning at CUBE ENTERTAINMENT, first try to pass the auditions at JYP ENTERTAINMENT, he failed at the 6th step. This is how he finally went to the auditions at CUBE ENTERTAINMENT where he passed and joined the group BTOB. He, then, because the Maknae, the youngest member. It’s a while later, after the group’s debuts, that he found out he’s been the neighbourg or his friend and leader SEO EUNKWANG in their childhood.

Not only gifted of an amazing voice voice as a vocalist in the group, he also demonstrated he can also master some other genres, such as rap or trot. In 2017, BTOB participated to the show “Knowing brothers” where he imitated MIN KHYUN HOON, imitation that had a lot of success.


Very talented artist, YOOK SUNG JAE has, more than once, proved his innate talent as an actor. “ACTOR YOOK” has been spotted in the series “Goblin, where he embodies one of the main roles. Also appearing in the drama “School 2015 : Who are you?” where he embodies the second male lead role, next to NAM JOOHYUK, he has, just before enlisting, shot a drama entitled “The mystic pop-up bar” where he has the main male role, this time, with brio. Even though he had received a lot of propositions, he declared choosing this drama to give a positive message to his fans going through hard times. He also sang one of the songs of the OST, “Love resembles memories“.

In 2015, the young singer participated to the show “WE GOT MARRIED” with the young idol JOY of RED VELVET. For nearly a year, the 2 idols were playing a young married couple in front of cameras with a lot of different missions that the staff of the show gave them. Their virtual marriage ended in tears on May 7th, 2016, where they did sing a song to each other before singing together a self-composed song entitled “Young love“.

In September 2016, the first subunit of BTOB, entitled BTOB BLUE, made its debuts with the song “Stand by me“. The unit is composed by BTOB’s vocalists that shows, once again, their amazing talents.

YOOK SUNG JAE released, on March, 2nd 2020, his first solo album entitled “YOOK O’ CLOCK” with its title-song “Come with the wind“, a beautiful ballad.


Despite appearances, YOOK SUNG JAE comes from a wealthy family. His father is CEO of a big Korean company, his grand-father was the first person to import breed carps, his grand-mother possesses a huge farm and his uncle possesses a market and his own company.

Despite of all this, the singer always shown up a humble and polite personality and has always worked hard to reach his goals. His passion for music makes him sing all day to practice his singing, to never stop improving. He is very generous with the people around his and has a strong wish to prove he can be independent, without taking any advantages of his family’s situation and money. With a beautiful personality, he loves to observe people and likes to try to imitate them, or even animals.

His favorite number is 6, “yook” in Korean. He loves fishing.

Always the first to makes the others laugh, the members say of him that he is always optimistic and has a cute personality. He shows a lot of support to the group and to the individual activities of the members. Thus, in the beginning, his humor swings were making the other members worrying. He worked hard on this and this trait has almost vanished now.


Not only gifted of a unique voice, the young singer is alwyas full of energy and positivity and loves to makes his member laugh; Very talented as an actor, carrer where he already proven his talents, YOOK SUNG JAE is a full accomplished artist despite of his young age.


Journalist : Natacha
Translator : Natacha
Photos : CUBE
Source : BTOB SNS

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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