GOT7: JAY B, his solo debut with “Switch it up”

The leader of GOT7 unveils the single “Switch it up” featuring Sokodomo.

Affiche officielle de « Switch It Up »

After the announcement of his entry into the H1GHR MUSIC label, JAY B leader of the South Korean k-pop group GOT7 began his solo career after the end of his contract with JYP Entertainment, his original agency.

Having decided to focus on his passions, JAY B, also known under the nickname DEF, is part of the ØFFSHORE collective which includes many independent South Korean artists of the same musical genre.

Centered on hip-hop and R&B, JAY B follows the same path as its namesake and unveils “Switch it up” in collaboration with the South Korean rapper Sokodomo, member of Sony Music Entertainment. A track produced by American singer and producer Cha Cha Malone, member of the AOMG Entertainment and H1GHR MUSIC agencies, rapper Jay Park and JAY B himself.

Different from JAY B from GOT7 but similar to DEF, this new title reveals a whole new world, that of the leader in solo, very different from what we have known the fans so far. A big surprise for those who didn’t know DEF, an image demonstrating the true personality of the idol.

JAY B unveiled his single under the AOMG Entertainment label, a label created by rapper and singer Jay Park. Very nervous for his solo debut, the idol maintained wanting to launch new challenges and exceed his limits. He does not find himself alone, however, YUGYEOM member of GOT7 being also a member of AOMG, JAY B didn’t deny the possibility of future projects with Jay Park’s label.

« Does the title of your new single symbolize the personal changes you are going through? »


« That’s what I thought when I first found the title. I wanted to make it a love story that could also translate into the stories of my life. But Jay (Jay Park) advised me to naturally deliver the things I already do.»

JAY B HypzBaz’s interview

Switch it up” is a clean track mixing hip-hop and R&B in a rather soft atmosphere alternating between the strong and calm voice of JAY B and the deep rap of Sodokomo. An addictive mix accompanied by a clip in which the two artists perform microphone in hand alone or accompanied by back dancers.

Fans shared “Switch it up” on various exchange platforms, showing their support for the artists. The “Switch it up” video clip has almost reached two million views in just 48 hours. Many Internet users have shared their reactions on social networks igniting the web.

Trends tend to challenge on Tik Tok, “Switch it up” landed in playlists and conquered many hearts.

Journalist: Kass
Translator: Shawn
Sources: SNS JAY B, SNS Sokodomo, SNS H1GHR MUSIC

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