ATEEZ: The title of the final

ATEEZ released its new song “The real“.


ATEEZ released the new song “멋 The real” prepared for the final contest of Mnet’s “KINGDOM: Legendary war” on various music sites at noon today.

ATEEZ’s new song “The real“, a combination of rappers and screaming vocals, creating an exotic atmosphere with an oriental vibe over electronic sounds and trap rhythms.

The song also features rough appearances such as “눈썹을 좀 더 찌푸려 / But 인사는 90 도 (Frowns a little more / But salute 90 degrees)” and “우린 뜨겁게 살아 / 허나 누구 보다 더 Humble & Kindness ( We live intensely / But more humble and kind than anyone)”, with leader HONG JOONG participating in the lyrics. The message is that “although it is a chaotic step, it will be on the right path and on the path we have chosen.”


Once again, “The real” with Eden, the exclusive producer of ATEEZ, added listening pleasure by combining for this witty songs, happy melodies and varied dialect lyrics. In particular, the melody of the “I’m the one” music video for the title track “ZERO: FEVER part.2” released in March has now proven to be part of “The real“, attracting more enthusiastic responses.

Previously, ATEEZ surprised not only the competitors and expert teams, but also the viewers by preparing performances beyond imagination. Composed of high notes, colorful performances with the combination of various genres based on solid concepts through “KINGDOM: Legendary war”, the performances of ATEEZSymphony No.9 “From The Wonderland””, “The awakening of summer” and for the 3rd show “Answer: Ode to Joy”, everyone amazed. What does ATEEZ have in store for the next scene?

ATEEZ’s “The real” performance will premiere at 7:50 pm on June 3 at the Mnet “KINGDOM: Legendary War” finale.

Journaliste: Shawn
Source: KQ Entertainment

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