CHUNGHA: Her album recommended by the billboard

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Singer CHUNGHA’s first full album was selected as “2021 Best Album 50” by Billboard.

According to the recently released “2021 Best Album 50” by music media Billboard on its official website, CHUNGHA’s debut full album “QUERENCIA” released in February was ranked in the top 50 with albums by leading global artists, MNH Entertainment agency said on 9.

Billboard publisher Nolan Feeney, who recommended “QUERENCIA” in the “2021 Best Album 50“, said of CHUNGHA’s album, “You know an album is good even when interludes snap.”

In particular, he added, “A variety of genres such as EDM, rock ballads and Latin music are impressive,” referring to songs from “Stay tonight”, “X” and “Demente”.

Further, he praised, “There is a sophistication in ‘QUERENCIA‘ that unites various sounds, and the unique voice reminiscent of CHUNGHA, like a chameleon, makes me want to listen to more music.”

CHUNGHA’s full debut album, “QUERENCIA” is a well-made album containing 21 tracks from various genres that can validate CHUNGHA’s musical abilities, such as the title song “Bicycle”.

CHUNGHA has recently received enthusiastic responses, posting songs with COLDE “내 입술 따뜻한 커피 처럼” and topping the charts in real time on various music sites.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Billboard / MNH Etnertainment

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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