MAMAMOO: Will WHEE IN renew her contract?

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Will MAMAMOO’s WHEE IN continue her relationship with RBW?

An official from RBW, the group’s agency, told Star News on June 9th that “no decision has yet been made and is under final discussion.”

Earlier today, Sports Kyunghyang announced that WHEE IN is not renewing its contract with RBW. He also said that MAMAMOO’s activities will continue through mutual consultation.

However, the agency said it was still discussing the contract renewal, adding that it would officially announce the decision at the same time.

After debuting as a member of MAMAMOO, with HWASA, SOLAR and MOON BYUL 2014, WHEE IN got a number of hits, like “Um Oh Ah Yeh“, “Decalcomani” and “Hip”. In April, the artist released her first solo mini-album, “REDD”, also working as a solo singer.

MAMAMOO, which marks the seventh anniversary of its debut this year, saw the contracts of SOLAR, MOON BYUL and HWA SA be renewed one after the other. On June 2nd, the band released their 11th mini album “WAW”.

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This post is also available in: Français (French)

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