SEVENTEEN: The spring beauty of a whole group

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The first official photos of the group SEVENTEEN have been unveiled.


Pledis Entertainment has sparked the expectation of a return at 12:10 am today by releasing the ONE SIDE version of the eighth mini-album “YOUR CHOICE” for the first time, on SEVENTEEN’s official SNS.

SEVENTEEN in the official released photo portrays the mature members of SEVENTEEN with colorful charm in a darker vibe. Against the backdrop of flowers, SEVENTEEN exudes 13 different charms and beauty, and the warmth, romantic sensibility made even those who watched it smile.

In particular, SEVENTEEN displays a unique atmosphere with a more mature and bright look to match the title track “Ready to love” from their eighth mini album, plunging the members into infinite charm.

Earlier, through a trailer video and animated videos, SEVENTEEN conveyed messages about love, such as “I dream of love,” “Moments of falling In Love and get ready to love with us?” (The moment you fall in love, are you ready to love with us?), And the story of SEVENTEEN with music through this 8th mini album reaching its climax.

SEVENTEEN will fill 2021 with honest and colorful feelings of love as they talk about various love moments in life through the 2021 project “Power of love“, followed by “Bittersweet” by WONWOO and MINGYU and continue their epic story with their eighth mini album “YOUR CHOICE“.

SEVENTEEN has become a two-time “million seller” with his seventh mini-album “HAENGGARAE” and special album “; [SEMICOLON]” released last year, and made a world-class appearance in the main American talk shows “James Corden show“, “Kelly Clarkson show” and “Elene DeGeneres show”.

SEVENTEEN will release their eighth mini album “YOUR CHOICE” on June 18th.

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Source: Pledis Entertainment

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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