KINGDOM: The king has been unveiled

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The Fantastic KINGDOM will release a new album concept photo and feature a new fantasy.


KINGDOM posted a group photo from their second mini album “History of Kingdom: Part II. CHIWOO” on its official SNS at midnight on the 9th, raising questions about the worldview of the new album, which will be released around member CHIWOO.

In the published photo, the KINGDOM members, seated around CHIWOO and the throne, showed their dignity in king’s armor. As you can see from the album name and photo, the main character of this album is member CHIWOO. CHIWOO, who appears as the second king after ARTHUR, of the kingdom of rain, brings us the story that will take place in a new kingdom, that of the clouds, drawing attention.

KINGDOM is a seven member group made up of MUJIN, LOUIS, DANN, CHIWOO, ARTHUR, IVAN and JAHAN. The seven members, representing the name of kings, who are themselves a vision of the world of KINGDOM.


After the kingdom of rain and clouds, seven kingdoms in total will be revealed, the kingdom of change, the kingdom of cherry blossoms, the kingdom of beauty, that of snow and finally that of the sun. The story of KINGDOM, which will consist of eight episodes, is the epic tale of kings trying to awaken in this new era.

KINGDOM’s intention is to spread K-pop culture to the world and bring it back to the global market,” its agency GF Entertainment said. “We are asking for higher expectations not only for KINGDOM’s worldview, but also for its music, performances and various content.

KINGDOM will return with King CHIWOO, and his Cloud Kingdom, on July 1st.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: GF Entertainment

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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