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SF9: Sensual comeback for the boyband

It is on Monday, July 5th that the boysband SF9 of FNC ENTERTAINMENT made their comeback, after a remarkable activity on the set of the show Kingdom: Legendary War.


Composed of members YOUNGBIN, INSEONG, JAEYOON, DAWON, ROWOON, ZUHO, TAEYANG, HWIYOUNG and CHANI, the group returns to the stage for a ninth mini album entitled “TURN OVER”. Featuring six tracks of diverse and varied sounds, the title song is “Tear drop“, talking about the paradox of the shine and glow of tears produced in the wake of grief. The showcase began with the performance of this first title, quickly followed by that of the track “Love again”. While the first has a sleek and sensual style, the next one is warmer and softer.

After these two performances, the music video of the title song “Tear drop” was projected, where we find the members of the group in an atmosphere sometimes sad, sometimes refined. The shots are linked together, but one element is recurring in each scene: water, as well as glass and flowers which are also quite present. From the start of the showcase, we were told that for our safety, the group has received a covid test. After a year of absence, mainly because of the filming of the Kingdom show, the members are more ready than ever for this comeback. However, INSEONG was not present because of the covid test result, which tested positive.

After some photos for reporters, the young men took a sit to talk about their experience in Kingdom. It was a very enriching experience for them, both professionally and socially, because they were able to meet very good people, and improve their performances. In fact, one of the tracks on this new , “Believer,” was the song that the band performed in the show’s finale. In addition, the members are quite proud of their reputation as a “sexy group”, impressive for their meticulous performances and their impeccable visuals. So, it’s with a bit of pressure that SF9 returns to the stage, hoping their new songs will appeal to the fans they won during Kingdom.

“As we prepared for this comeback, something had changed in us, as if we had found new meaning in our group, new strength.” – TAEYANG

HWIYOUNG says the group still has a lot of styles to explore, and that survival has shed light on the group’s abilities. JAEYOON goes on to say that this new album addresses a new aspect of SF9‘s musical footprint, which the boysband believes they have definitely found through the show. It was through experimenting with different styles to meet the demands of the episodes that the members discovered what they really liked, and what they wanted to continue doing in their music career. They are therefore grateful for this opportunity, which has undoubtedly given them a lot, mainly experience and friends.

HWIYOUNG talks about an episode where he had a voice loss from singing, and he hopes he never feels that frustration of not being able to do what he loves most of all. Returning to discus the preparation of the album, members YOUNGBIN, ZUHO, HWIYOUNG and CHANI all reveal that they were involved in the composition of every track on the album. Regarding the other titles of the mini album, we discover “Off my mind”, “Fanatic” and “Hey hi bye”. “Off my mind” highlights the falsetto of the vocalists, “Fanatic” has a Latin atmosphere from the end of the nineties, and “Hey hi bye” addresses as a theme the desire to be remembered every moment, lovingly. Regarding “Love again“, presented at the start of the showcase, the song tells the story of the search for a source of light that would allow you to find self-confidence.

“This new album marks the end of our “9lory”series. In the future, we will explore other stories, and other themes to vary our style ” YOUNGBIN

JAEYOON wanted to reassure his fans because while filming Kingdom he injured his right knee. He said that everything is fine now, and that he can move normally again. ROWOON did the same, after also having been injured, in the hips this time. The two members and the rest of the group are doing well, except INSEONG who is resting while waiting to get better, and the members are eager to start the promotion of “TURN OVER“. The group hopes to become a model for younger singers, continuing to develop their musical career slowly, but surely. Knowing that the fan club continues to grow after Kingdom airs, the young men promised to work hard to produce new albums with a very good quality in the future.

It is with these last words that the showcase ended, SF9 thanking the journalists for their trip. To discover the group’s comeback, find the clip below:

The words of our reporter: The group exposes its charisma through this comeback, highlighting the individual charms of the members. I wish the group to continue to surf the success of the Kingdom show!

Reporter : Pillet Anaïs
Photos : Pillet Anaïs

Proofreader: Laury Verdoux

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