Wednesday, December 6, 2023

IZ * ONE: No return, but nothing is closed

The return of the IZ*ONE project group ultimately failed.


We discussed the group reunion, with the agencies, but it ultimately failed. We ask for a lot of encouragement and support for the future of the IZ*ONE members whether they meet or not.” CJ ENM told EXports News on June 6th.

IZ*ONE is a project group created through Mnet’s “Produce 48”, which aired in 2018. After two and a half years of activities in Korea and Japan, they officially ended them in April.

Since their debut, IZ*ONE has been highly regarded at home and abroad performing songs such as “La vie en rose“, “Violeta“, “Fiesta“, “Secret Story of the Swan” and “Panorama “. Since then, the IZ*ONE fandom has been pushing for funding to come together, and rumors of a reunion have been raised regularly.

Regarding the IZ*ONE reunion, CJ ENM had said in June: “It is true that we are talking about an IZ*ONE reunion”, adding: “We have left various possibilities open with the agencies“, but it finally failed.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: CJ ENM/xports news

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