SHIN SEONG: A MC of choice

Singer SHIN SEONG has added vitality to your daily life with his refined voice that caresses your ears.


SHIN SEONG appeared as a man telling his story on KBS 2Radio “김혜영 과 함께 (With Kim Hye Young),” which aired at 2 pm on July 10th.

That day, SHIN SEONG showed his host skills to present the show in a pleasant atmosphere, and made a motorbike noise with his mouth announcing the opening with a witty greeting, lifting up the audience maximum the corners of the listeners’ mouths, making them smile.

SHIN SEONG, who raised the tension with his powerful voice, actively expressed sympathy by introducing the story of an “unplanned” listener, while causing laughter with his acting skills.

In particular, he explained, with a cool smile, the story of the quarreling mother and daughter, and after that he continued his storytelling animation adding fun by providing feedback and comments relevant.

As such, SHIN SEONG, who brings laughter and emotion through many programs such as “With Kim Hye Young” as well as on his personal YouTube channel “New Star TV”, will continue to meet the public through various activities.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Starium Entertainment

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