Since the beginning of June KSTATION TV has decided to make you relive the beginnings of your favorite artists. So it’s every day at 8 pm on our Facebook page that you discover the debut title of your favorite bands and artists.

This week we started by making you relive the debuts of a group that we will call “Asian” and which is called CROSS GENE.

This third generation kpop group is the first to mix different Asian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese nationalities and to make it their hobbyhorse. The group will hardly manage to make a place for itself in South Korea, while it is a huge success in Japan.

SM Entertainment‘s S.E.S is considered to be the very first successful k-pop group. Formed of 3 members, Bada, Eugene and Shoo, in 1997, the musical style of the group is rather cute and sweet. By participating in various musical programs, members will be able to show the full extent of their talents. In 2002 the group will separate before returning to the stage together in 2016.

After F1RST, CO-ED SCHOOL, DSP MEDIA is retrying the experience of launching a mixed group called K.A.R.D. The revelation of the group is very different from anything we know, in 2016, DSP MEDIA chose not to promote the group like any other. There is no real promotion of K.A.R.D, and it is directly to the public that the group will present themselves during a night in a nightclub in Seoul (We were there). The whole universe of K.A.R.D focuses mainly on performances on stage and in concert and it is very quickly that the group will go on tour having presented itself to the Korean press.

The group X1 is made up of the winners of the survival Produce X 101. The show was a great success and the boys attracted a lot of fans, unfortunately their victory will be marred due to the manipulation of votes by the directors / producers of Mnet and of the show, which will result in its dissolution very quickly.

The group HOT ISSUE is a young girl group who made its debut in April of this year with a concept mixing the side “girl crush”, popular at the moment, and the sweetness of the “Korean girlbands”.

To end the week, we went back to the second generation kpop with the group U-KISS and the famous haircuts of that time. The group U-KISS will be a group that will mark its generation, both in South Korea and in Japan, where it will meet with great popularity. Legendary titles will remain in the minds of all fans like “Neverland”, “0330”, “Believe”,Shut up” or even “Quit playing“.

Different styles, notoriety at different levels, but all of them do what they love, music, hoping you enjoyed discovering or rediscovering the beginnings of all these artists.

Did you all know them? What do you think ? Tell us all in the comments.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: YouTube

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