MY.ST: An end without any real official announcement

A member posts a message to announce that the group is separated.


It is on its social networks that KEONWOO of the group MY.ST announces that the group has separated and that it has taken legal action against its agency for bad payment.

In his message KEONWOO tells us:

“Hello, this is KEONWOO from MY.ST. Firstly, the reason I’m writing this is because I have something to say to the fans who have been waiting so long and worried about MY.ST because we haven’t had any activity. To get to the point, MY.ST will no longer have group activities. For various reasons, such as financial problems of the company, we ended our singing activities, without being able to promote ourselves properly. So far there are many employees who have not received payment from the agency (employees, makeup artists, hairdressers, choreographers …). If even the most basic financial problems could not be solved, could we normally go about our business? It would be impossible. What frustrated me the most were the questions “Why don’t you have more business in Korea ?, you did some shows and the promotion stopped …. We were very frustrated. and sorry to the fans. We were almost going crazy. We communicated all this to the agency and we announced that we were going to end our contract. They replied that the contract could not be canceled if all the time. money that had been spent on MY.ST was not returned. But the amount was astronomical, to the point that it was impossible to believe that this amount had actually been spent on us. We were never called a way that justified the expenditure of this sum.The evidence of the expenditure was too weak.”

KEONWOO also returns to the fact of non-payment which forced them to change training room, to have to wash in cold water in the dormitory, until being expelled once from one of them. .

The young man tells us that he is currently in therapy for depression and still feels sorry for the fans who have supported and awaited the return of the group. KEONWOO greatly thanks everyone who took the time to support them.

Since then KEONWOO has changed his Instagram by going private and deleting all of his posts.


The group MY.ST made up of 5 members WOOJIN, JUNTAE, MINHO, WONCHEOL, and KEONWOO, debuted in March 2020 with the title “Don’t know”.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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