ATEEZ : The group charted with great results

ATEEZ attracted people’s attention for its great results in the Billboard “World Digital Song Sales” for first semester of 2021.


After these 21 days of July, American magazine Forbes wrote a paper entitled “ATEEZ is making his best year in the Billboard” to celebrate the group’s best results in the charts.

Above all, ATEEZ recently released a new song for Mnet’s show “Kingdom: Legendary War” after taking the 3rd place during the show’s last episode. Above all, ATEEZ first Japanese comeback Dreamers” is a great success and the title-song is pretty popular as it already charted for the 3rd week of July.

To sum up, five songs by ATEEZ charted for three days in the Billboard and even better results are expected in first semester of 2022, compared to first semester of 2021.

Meanwhile, ATEEZ members just celebrated their 1,000th day from their debut.

Journalist : Solène
Translator : Solène
Source : KQ Entertainment

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