ASTRO : A preview of the group’ summer mini album

On August 28, highlight medley video for 8th mini album “SWITCH ON” has been uploaded on YouTube.
In this video, ASTRO‘s members visuals attracted people’s attention as well as colorful backgrounds. On top of that, a preview of each song has been revealed, introducing this mini album’s bright concept. All the group’s members participated as lyricists for each song, growing expectations for fans from all around the world.
Title-song “After Midnight” is a pop up-tempo song with a funky rhythm based on disco music. ASTRO‘s bright energy can easily be heard throughout the preview. Moreover, CHA EUNWOO participated in the title-song’s lyrics making fans proud and happy. Also, “Footprint”, which is a tropical EDM song has lyrics written by MOON BIN, and “Waterfall”‘s powerful lyrics have been written by leader JINJIN. These examples show that ASTRO‘s members want to grow up as artists and prepare much more personnal songs for their albums.
ASTRO shows a growing popularity before “SWITCH ON” release with a total of six songs. “SWITCH ON” by ASTRO will make peoples heart flutter with a high range of musical styles and will be released on August 2nd on several musical sites.
Journalist : Solène
Translator : Solène
Source : Fantagio Music

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