INTERBOYS: The new group that will be talked about

Interpark, which recently became a talking point by announcing the launch of a male idol group, released the first INTERBOYS (working name) content, raising expectations among global K-pop fans.


Interpark Music Plus has released the first dance cover teaser video of INTERBOYS, which is gearing up to debut on its official YouTube channel at 9 pm on July 28th.

In the video teaser, INTERBOYS appear in the dark night, on a road. The seven members dressed in a “street” look raise questions about the concept of the group INTERBOYS who have their faces covered with hats and masks.

In particular, as this video teaser is a video announcing the cover of Stray Kids’ “Back Door“, proving that the group already has a very high level of dancing, the expectations of global K-pop fans for INTERBOYS are further exploding. INTERBOYSBack door” video cover will be released at 9pm on July 31st.

Interpark recently created Interpark Music Plus, an idol group production subsidiary, to produce music groups. In addition to using the entire Interpark infrastructure, the structure plans to recruit experts in various fields to establish a system to launch a new group of idols with a differentiated concept.

As industry and K-pop fans pay attention to Interpark’s announcement that it will introduce an idol group, expectations rise as INTERBOYS first appears in public with cover video. of “Back door” by Stray Kids. INTERBOYS will be releasing various content each week, starting with the release of the full version of the dance cover of “Back door“.

INTERBOYS are preparing to make their debut this year. To follow them

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Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Interpark

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