NADA: Eastern power

Singer NADA has raised expectations for her comeback by releasing a video teaser for the music video for her new song “Spicy”, which is made up of powerful and unconventional imagery.

On July 28th at midnight, NADA released a video teaser for the music video for “Spicy,” due out July 31st, via official SNS from its agency World Star Entertainment. In the video, she showed off her exotic oriental beauty and unconventional performance, showing off her charm in different facets.

The 20-second video teaser, released today, started with NADA crossing the desert with a bomb in hand and led to high-quality performances such as the twerking, garnering attention. She also showed off a charismatic look and overwhelming aura, heralding the intense atmosphere of the song.

Like the title of the new song “Spicy”, NADA attracts attention every day with teaser content that features spicy-tasting concepts.

In the concept photo posted earlier, NADA used sheer red fabric to create a dreamy atmosphere and used accessories such as a crown and rings displaying oriental beauty to show off a mesmerizing appearance. In another photo, she exudes her strong energy, wearing a colorful costume matched with gold and black against the backdrop of the wilderness.

In this regard, World Star Entertainment, the artist’s agency, said: “As this is the first comeback in a long time since the digital single ‘My body‘ was released last year, we are working hard for ourselves. prepare for a great achievement, from concept to choreography to your enjoyment, so please look forward to the spicy taste that will blow the heat.

NADA’s new song “Spicy” will be released on major music sites in Korea at 6:00 pm on July 31st.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: World Star Entertainment

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