BTOB / BTOB 4U: The audio snippet that rocks !

The audio snippet of the incoming album of BTOB 4U has been revealed.

They did announce it : they’d make a style that would be different but they would stay loyal to BTOB’s style. They didn’t lie: the audio snippet of the album “OUTSIDE“, of BTOB 4U (sub-unit of BTOB) has been published and the fans are surprised and impatients.

The album re-use the slogan “dreamers don’t die” that the 4 members (SEO EUNKWANG, LEE MINHYUK, LEE CHANGSUB & SHIN PENIEL) used to during the survival show KINGDOM.

The title-track, “Outsider“, is still kind of secret as the extract on the snippet audio did last less than all the other songs of the album. However, the lyrics that the fans heard were in English. Would it be possible that the group releases, for MELODY (BTOB fandom) a song 100% in English?

The answer on August 30th !

Photo teasers here and here.

Journaliste : Natacha
Translator : Natacha
Source : BTOB SNS



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