B.I.G : Online concert for the Arab fans

Group B.I.G met Arab fans through an online concert.


B.I.G (GUNMIN, J-HOON, HEEDO, JINSEOK) held an Arab online concert on its official Youtube channel on August 21st. B.I.G opened by singing the Arabic version of  « Illusion » and communicated friendly with global fans. In addition, a Syrian student was in charge of interpreting.


The members explained that they had to perform this concert online because of the pandemic. Asked about what he was doing because of the current situation, GUNMIN said: « Isn’t it dangerous because of the Coronavirus? So I’m at home alone. » JINSEOK also said: « I often watch movies with my brothers at home. » J-HOON also expressed his feelings about the online concert and V LIVE to celebrate the 7th anniversary of his recent debut: « I was really happy. I was very nervous because it’s been a while since I had a concert, but I felt good after it was over. »

B.I.G then showed off various charms with the cover stages of ABU’s « 3DAQAT » and ONE DIRECTION’s « Drag Me Down ». The members actively communicated with fans through comments and raised the mood before presenting BTS’s cover of « Butter », following by their song « 1.2.3 ».

They provided plenty of fun with Q&A for each member. J-HOON, who was unable to go to the Abu Dhabi performance due to his military service, asked the members how they felt at the time. GUNMIN expressed regret, saying: « I couldn’t eat local food in Abu Dhabi and only ate hotel food. » JINSEOK said: « We filmed a choreography video in the Sahara Desert and it was very hot. It was physically difficult to dance continuously, but I think I will remember it forever because it was an experience that I couldn’t do anywhere. » HEEDO added: « It was more amazing because there was no desert in Korea. »


Finally, B.I.G. performed « Hello Hello » and « LaBezzaf » by THE5 and covered « LM3ALLEM » by SAAD LAMJARRED before greeting the fans to say goodbye.

You can still watch the online concert on B.I.G‘s Youtube channel.

Fans from various Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Algeria, and Iraq, participated in the online performance. They wrote numerous comments asking for a visit to their country. B.I.G plans to visit the Arab region after the coronavirus ends.

The online concert, organized by the Korea-Arab Society and sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is part of the Korea-Arab Friendship Caravan since its establishment in 2008. It is an annual event to introduce various Korean cultural and artistic content to the Arab region to promote mutual understanding and strengthen friendly relations. The Korea-Arab Friendship Caravan will continue to be held in the Arab region, and it is expected to greatly contribute to the creation of a future-oriented friendship foundation between South Korea and the Arab through the promotion of cultural exchanges and ties.

B.I.G, which debuted in 2014, has conducted a Global Cover Project by posting various Arab song cover videos such as « La Bezzaf » « LM3ALLEM » « Boshret Kheir », and « 3DAQAT » on SNS. In December 2019, the members were awarded the “Korean Award for shining Korea” in recognition of their contribution to promoting K-pop to the Arab region.

B.I.G has formed a project co-ed group 777 (TRIPLE SEVEN) with 3YE and is actively working with its debut song « Presente ».

Journalist: Florence
Translator: Florence
Source: GH Entertainment

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