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MEGAMAX: A colorful debuts

IN + ENTERTAINMENT‘s MEGAMAX group debuts Wednesday, September 8th, on the fifth floor of a luxury hotel in the Gangnam district. It was during a showcase that the members presented their first mini-album, “PAINTED LOVE“.


Composed of members ROHAN, IDEN, HA.EL, KAN, WOOJOO and JAEHUN, the group unveils for a showcase, face-to-face, a very first album, composed by no less than ten tracks. This first album is made up of both pop and orchestral tracks to meet the tastes of their future fans. The showcase begins with a video showing all the members, before they take the stage to discuss this mini-album called “PAINTED LOVE”. The group is defined by the slogan “six boys drink magic perfume and departure to the world of eternal innocence”. However, one member is not present at this showcase, WOOJOO, for health reasons. His future in the group is uncertain at the moment, but the members ask for support during his recovery period. After the intro video aired, the band appeared over the sound of their intro song, giving an overview of the members’ singing and rap skills.

Then the boys introduce themselves one by one, and define their group as a gathering of “hot guys”. They go on to explain that the name MEGAMAX represents the phrase “the best of the best“, their goal being to reach the “maximum” of their abilities. Concerning their logo, it is the symbiosis of the letters “M” and “A”, logo intended to reflect the luminescence of the group. They then perform the Korean version of their title song, again demonstrating the fruit of their training. Once this first performance is completed, the music video is released, showing the six members of the group in a world filled with colors. MEGAMAX’s musical identity is presented by the director of the clip, a rare occurrence at showcase. He explains that the challenge for him in making the clip was to assign a color to each member so that they are all easily identifiable, and to film so that the members, who are mostly quite large sizes, do not appear squashed on the screen.

“As the parents of the members showed up on the set of the clip, I asked them a few questions to find out what image they wanted to see of their son..” – Director


During this short interview, MEGAMAX took the opportunity to slip away and change, in order to perform the English version of their title song. The director ends with a few words of encouragement for the boys who he says worked really hard on their debut, and all have endearing personalities. Before that, the band chose their key moment in the song as the part where HA.EL sings the name of the song “Painted love”, the album’s eponymous. Subsequently, JAEHUN, principal dancer and maknae, dances a few steps which he selects as the key point of the choreography. To match the concept even more, the boys painted their outfits for this second performance. For this performance, dancers accompany them on stage to give more content to the choreography.

Afterwards, they chat briefly with the MC, and declare that they hope to reach the first place in a musical show to make themselves known. We learned that the showcase was being broadcast online on YouTube on an American channel, and the boys replied that they wanted to reach their fans around the world. They review their preparation for their debut, and more specifically the diet they had to follow. ROHAN even confides having lost three kilos just for the shooting of the clip. Regarding their dorm life, JAEHUN declares to be in charge of the kitchen, liking it. The other members laughingly admit that at first JAEHUN’s cooking was not really to their liking, but it has improved a lot.

“As I wanted to become a Kpop singer, I came to Korea on my own”KAN

Indeed, KAN is of Mongolian descent, and has been in Korea for four years now. However, he was able to learn Korean quickly, so he had little difficulty expressing himself in the group. He instills hope in any foreigner who wants to become an idol, because today he is making his dream come true. It is with these last words that MEGAMAX concludes this showcase, the group hoping to “paint” the hearts of their fans with a lot of love. The members thank the journalists present, before leaving the stage.

For a few minutes after the boys left, their producer looked back on the preparation of MEGAMAX, having regularly given them “homework” where they had to film themselves to become comfortable in front of the cameras. They also received acting lessons to convey their emotions on stage. The agency is thus satisfied with the group and its members who have not relaxed their efforts to reach this debut day. The producers took inspiration from BTS for this, hoping the group will achieve this fame someday. To the surprise of the journalists having stayed until then, MEGAMAX goes back on stage dressed in different outfits for an “encore” on the sparkling title “Hug” before leaving the stage for good.

The words of our reporter:It’s with a lot of naturalness that the group makes its debut on this day. I wish them good luck for the future.”

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Translator: Shawn
Photos: Pillet Anaïs

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