KEVENTS: The party are back

This Friday, September 10, KSTATION TV was present during the Kpop night in Lyon (69) France, come take a little tour with us and enjoy yourself.

It is at Ninkasi de Gerland in Lyon (69) – France, that KEVENTS decided to give pleasure to fans of Korean pop and hiphop music. For a little less than two years, going out to nightclubs and evenings with friends has been complicated, even banned in France. But this month KEVENTS is relaunching the Kpop night parties.

Starting with London on September 3rd and Paris on September 4th, the evening ends in Lyon on September 10th. An evening that allowed fans to finally get together and be able to dance to their favorite music thanks to 4 DJs, DJ SANI (@sani.kevents ) DJ. N.I.X (@dj _N.I.X ) DJ. JEE (@dj_j.e.e ) DJ. V.LAM (no insta yet).

From the opening of the doors at 11:55 pm, the kpop and khiphop clubbers are already hot and above all very numerous. In the room reserved for them, two bars are at their disposal to quench their thirst after dancing, one inside the room so as not to miss anything of the atmosphere and the other slightly outside which allows to discuss more simply. The hall is also divided into two, there is the main one where everyone meets and upstairs a slightly smaller space which dominates the main track.


The clubbers warm up quietly on titles of the rapper JESSI or JAY PARK. And when the pure kpop moment comes, the hands go up and the hips move to the sounds of DREAMCATCHER, BLACKPINK, TWICE or even BTS. The first choreographies make their appearances, and, enthusiastic by the participants and spectators, “pseudo battle” of dance are organized in a good spirit. Music, more than elsewhere, energizes Korean music fans who can not stop dancing, dancing and dancing.

“it feels really good to be able to meet up and go out with your friends” – MARCO

“Finally, finally, finally, but finally what !!!”  – CINDY

“It’s too weird to be in France and hear only Korean songs. I feel very proud.”  – DONGJUN (Korean student in Lyon)

KEVENTS, who since 2017, under the direction of PING (U.K. – Founder), has only one desire, to create unique events and a complete Kpop clubbing experience. With a constantly growing team that is always looking to create unique and tailor-made meetings for all those who love Korean culture, and more particularly music, KEVENTS offers you several types of events. On the one hand, concerts and artist tours (VAV, BANG YONGGUK, OWEN&BLOO) to give you the best possible time. On the other hand, clubbing party. These party are presented to you as a complete experience, with DJs specializing in KPOP and KHIPHOP. The establishment of a special menu with Soju-based drinks in Paris, or even “Food” stands for London evenings. KEVENTS is always trying to improve and offer you better. Remaining true to its niche:

Make Events Everlasting

For all clubbers and lovers of Korean music KEVENTS is looking forward to seeing you in different countries and cities for the next evenings, the dates of which you will find on the image below. And here is the link to book your tickets: TICKETS 

KEVENTS, present mainly in Europe, but not only, indeed events have been organized in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Mexico, was happy to meet you after this long period. KSTATION TV was delighted to see the festive, friendly atmosphere that took place during this evening attracting clubbers and fans from Lyon, but not only because the KEVENTS party attracts and we come from Montpellier, Annecy and many of still others.

See you at the next party.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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