AHN SUNG HOON: A solo comeback

Singer AHN SUNG HOON will return with a new song full of emotions.


On September 15 at noon, a photo teaser of AHN SUNG HOON‘s new song “엄마꽃 (Mom flower)” was broadcast on the official SNS.

In the released teaser, AHN SUNG HOON caught the eye as he sang, wearing a simple white shirt, facing the microphone. In particular, the song title “엄마꽃 (Mom flower)” and its release date have been released, raising the expectations of fans.

AHN SUNG HOON‘s new song “엄마꽃 (Mom flower)” is an emotional ballad style, expressing his gratitude and love for his mother with the light voice we know him. In addition, the lyrics will bring a deep sensitivity to the listeners with a beautiful melody and deep impressions.

Earlier, AHN SUNG HOON, along with Park Sung Yeon and Young-ki, came together as the OUTLET mixed dance group and received a lot of love this summer through the summer song “You make me crazy” containing the Newtro sensibility of the 1990s.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Think Entertainment

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