NU’EST: BAEKHO is sexy for Esquire

BAEKHO, from the group NU’EST (BAEKHO, JR, ARON, REN, MINHYUN) posed for Esquire magazine.

Fashion magazine Esquire has received great fan feedback following the publication of a series of photos of NU’EST member BAEKHO. BAEKHO had already done a shoot with the magazine. He was indeed on the cover of Esquire last November.

In this new shoot, BAEKHO fascinates fans with an atmosphere that is both mature and sensual thanks to outfits that reveal his musculature and his very chic and deep aura.

In the video interview that followed, BAEKHO melts hearts with his cute comments and unique bright smile. Find the full interview below :

NU’EST members are currently working on solo projects.

Journalist : Arie
Translator : Arie
Source : Esquire

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