VICTON: The medley of HAN SE’s 1st solo album

DO HAN SE of the group VICTON also raised the comeback atmosphere by posting a preview video.

PlayM Entertainment released a medley of DO HAN SE‘s debut solo album, “BLAZE”, on VICTON’s official YouTube channel at 11pm on September 21st.

In the released 6.5-minute video, a total of six tracks from the album, like the title tracks “Take over” and “Public Enemy (Feat. Jaycyucca)“, raise expectations of HAN SE’s solo debut. In particular, DO HAN SE garnered attention by revealing the behind-the-scenes story of each song.

DO HAN SE‘s debut solo song “Take over” is a house genre song with magnificent bass sound, captivating listeners’ ears. The colorful rap of DO HAN SE, and the lyrics with a firm identity and confidence as a talented rapper are impressive. The double track “Public Enemy (Feat. Jayci Yucca)” is a pop punk genre song with an exciting melody, raising expectations for the full song, with lyrics that written honestly, expressing his complex and desire to be loved.

In addition to the title track, “Diamonds With. Skinny Brown” carries a message saying that I will shine like a diamond now and in the future, “Slash (Feat. BIGONE)” in a trap sound containing the thirst for success, and “Ride or die” in which intense guitar sounds are heard for an impressive song.

In particular, this album contains the color and history of DO HAN SE, It will also be released on September 25, DO HAN SE‘s birthday day, making it a special album as a birthday gift.

DO HAN SE is a member of the group VICTON, and earlier this year, with the band’s first full album, he hit the “best of its own” record. HAN SE, who was involved in the rap creation of the majority of VICTON’s songs, showed off his exceptional rapping skills and excellent lyrics and songwriting skills, as with his own song “Where is Love?” in the full debut album, gaining attention as a talented rapper among K-pop idol rappers. K-pop fans are paying great attention to the kind of charm that will be exhibited by DO HAN SE, which will release its first solo album five years after its debut.

DO HAN SE‘s debut solo album, “BLAZE”, with new songs “Take over” and “Public Enemy (Feat. Jaycyucca)” will be available on major music sites at 6pm on September 25th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: PlayM Entertainment

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