ATEEZ: A combo with Jessi and ATEEZ

Members of ATEEZ met singer Jessi and were able to show who they are by taking up challenges.

On September 23, the group appeared in a new video on YouTube in the middle of a promtion with a new mini album. Thanks to this show, MC Jessi was able to meet up with members of ATEEZ since she wanted them to appear on her show, as she told fans on her SNS accounts. They were all able to take up challenges and talk freely, even creating goofy situations.

Then, ATEEZ, which was able to promote its new mini album in one minute, could perform its most popular songs such as “WONDERLAND”, “Say My Name” and “HALA HALA” as if the members were all on stage.

Meanwhile, ATEEZ keeps promoting with its new mini album by appearing on KBS2’s Music Bank on September 24.

Journalist: Solène
Translator: Solène
Source: KQ Entertainment

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