Saturday, December 2, 2023

DKB: In a few hours the comeback

The DKB Group will start full return activities.


The “Super RookieDKB will release their debut single album “ROLLERCOASTER” on major national music sites at 6pm on October 28th and will release a music video for the title track “Rollercoaster”.

“ROLLERCOASTER” is DKB’s first single album single since the end of the previous series, and arouses high expectations from fans as it announces the sensitivity of DKB members who have matured through the release of various promotional content such as trailers, photo teasers, and video teasers before this comeback.

DKB’s first title song, “Rollercoaster”, is an R&B hip-hop genre song that expresses the conflict between lovers and the pain of love that repeats itself as if you felt like you were riding a roller coaster.


DKB is a “hot rookie” who emerged as a comet in the music industry in February of last year, and is beloved by fans at home and abroad for its performance and unmatched musical style. Since its debut he has released albums with a four-part series, including the 1st mini album, “YOUTH”, the 2nd mini album “LOVE”, the 3rd mini album “GROWTH” and the 1st full album “THE DICE IS CAST“, and constantly messaged the audience.

DKB will be releasing their debut single album “ROLLERCOASTER” at 6pm today and kicking off their business with the title track “ROLLERCOASTER”. It will also connect with fans by hosting a V LIVE to commemorate his return at 9 pm today.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Brave Entertainment

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