JEON SOMI: Knowing how to say goodbye to a loved one

The young singer JEON SOMI of THE BLACK LABEL returns on stage after a first full album, called “XOXO”.


Only three months after the release of her digital single “Dumb dumb“, the artist is delighted to be able to release her first album, where she transmits her love to her fans with this track “XOXO”. She sends them a message directly, inviting them to live well, eat enough and get enough sleep. JEON SOMI reveals, however, that she was hesitating between “Dumb dumb” and “XOXO” as the title song of her debut album, and ultimately chose to release the first online, and choose the second as the title song of her self-titled album. The choice having been difficult, she still included “Dumb dumb” in this album. In addition, one of the songs on the album is featured with GIRIBOY, whom SOMI reveals to have only met twice. As for the clip, she announces in advance that she shot it like a movie, in the continuity of “Dumb dumb“.

« XOXO tells the story of a romantic break-up following a cheating. We are thus able to say goodbye without regret to the person once loved. » —SOMI

This first album, coming out two years after the young woman’s solo debut, has eight tracks:

  • « Dumb dumb » : when a pure girl seeks revenge on the loved one who cheated on her.
  • « XOXO » :calling for the loved one to go away after a breakup.
  • « Don’t let me go » :asking the loved one not to let us go if they still love us.
  • « Anymore » :when confusion sets in the feelings.
  • « Watermelon » :metaphor where a watermelon represents love, with its tastes and colors.
  • « Birthday » :symbolizes the artist’s birth as a solo artist.
  • « What you waiting for » :when we long for a love that does not come.
  • « Outta my head » : composed by the artist, addresses the obsession we have for the loved one.

So this album contains old SOMI songs, like “Birthday”, the song that launched the artist’s career. While with the release of “Dumb dumb“, SOMI launched a challenge on YouTube and Tik Tok, she wants to do the same with this new title. She then confides with pride that she learned not to expect anything from anyone, which allowed her to prepare this album with a lot of serenity, thinking only of her fans. After two years of solo career, she says she knows what she wants to sing now, and especially what style matches, and puts forward, her soft and clear voice. She is especially happy to be able to say that she has gained confidence in herself and her abilities, especially since “Dumb dumb” which was very well received by her fans and the public. However, she continues to worry about whether her future songs will still appeal to fans as much.

« While preparing this album, I feel like I have found a new voice, which I want to reveal to the world » — SOMI


SOMI declares to have discovered a suave and sensual voice (husky voice), which she wishes to exploit in her new songs to bring them more maturity. She therefore calls on her audience to look more into her recent and future songs, and thanks her fans for their support. The showcase concludes with her final words, with the young woman asking everyone to stay healthy and listen to her debut album.

The words of our reporter: “To feel the young woman gain self-confidence on stage and through her clips is a pleasure to see“.

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Translator: Shawn

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