ASTRO : MJ released a solo Trot song

MJ from ASTRO released his first digital single and will start his solo activities with title-song “Get Set Yo”.

“Happy Virus” is the first solo album released by MJ, main vocal from group ASTRO, six years after the group’s debut. The singer has a new challenge by releasing this album entitled as his famous nickname “Happy Virus”, since MJ is the member who is always happy and full of energy. The singer’s goal is therefore to spread freshness and a bright energy with a universe of his own.

MJ already performed Trot performances in the past, most notably the Trot EDM song called “Chuck Chuck”, a solo he was able to perform on stage at ASTRO‘ second concert in 2019. Last year, MJ also took part in a unique and new project bringing together several singers for a Trot album, which shows one more time MJ‘s interest in the Trot genre.

“Get Set Yo” is now available on various music sites and promises a fresh future for Trop music.

Journalist: Solène
Translator: Solène

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