MARK makes a breathtaking return with the newly released “Last Breath” single.

Last Breath’s teaser.

2021 has been a busy year for multi-hyphenate artist MARK TUAN

From GOT7 activities to signing to Creative Artists Agency, one of the United States of America’s largest talent agencies, he has been releasing two duos, including one for Marvel’s Shang-Chi’s franchise, and partaking in Paris’ Fashion Week

MARK is now making an awaited grand return with his very first solo track, “Last Breath”. If the Los Angeles-born rapper had previously released singles “Outta My Head” and “Never Told You”, this new project will surely become a turning point in his career.

As an artist, MARK has been extremely dedicated to his team’s craft. He is indeed the one behind well-loved B-side tracks such as “See the light”, “Let Me”, or more recently “Born Ready”. His confidence as a solo act has been slowly but steadily growing in the last few years, and MARK is ready to showcase his ever-growing skills and artistry.

If MARK’s strengths as a rapper stood out within K-POP powerhouse GOT7, “Last Breath” is proof of what the artist can do as a singer. MARK took part in writing and composing this single and is also the executive producer of its music video. It is indeed the very first song that he is performing by himself and that he participated in the making of. MARK, along with artists Lilspirit and OVRCZ, is credited as one of the songwriters and composers of this new single.

Last Breath credits

The track “Last Breath” was released at midnight on November 12th and the music video was revealed on the same day at 12 AM EST. — inaugurating MARK’s first activities as a soloist, for his upcoming album. 

The catchy EDM and Hip-Hop beat is paired with MARK‘s high-pitched vocals. The song expresses the feeling of wanting to breathe, to be freed from a suffocating relationship. The artist embodies the complexity of a soul seeking healing, of the loneliness that results from a toxic relationship.

Mark Tuan on the set for Last Breath.
Mark Tuan on the set for Last Breath.

The track communicates the trials and tribulations of human relations, be it platonic or romantic. Without dwelling on the nature of the relationship, MARK conveys the hopelessness and loneliness that lies into desperately wanting to please an insatiable loved one. It is a call for the listener to embrace themselves, put themselves first, exit a toxic trap that will crush one’s soul and heart. 

The strength of MARK‘s pen lies in the way this song can resonate with many, no matter what one may be going through.

Such universal sentiment conveyed through his lyrics led fans to draw various interpretations and even create their own artworks.

Embracing a very American vintage aesthetic, combining Mods and Teddy Boys fashion, MARK embarks us on a journey to the Wild West. MARK can be seen in a scenery mostly void of people. Much like in Edward Hopper’s painting, the artist is desperately alone, even when surrounded by others in a 50s like gas station.

This setting that is as familiar as foreign highlights the loneliness and despair one can feel when suffocated by a relationship that turned sour. The gloomy yet vibrantly-colored scenery contrast with the tension and distress MARK is displaying.  

MARK can be seen diving into the wilderness, from wrecking a diner, driving down long sandy roads, or jolting out of a grim-looking bathtub. In a twirl of warm ocher tones and hues, this coming-of-age road trip-like atmosphere embarks the viewers on a journey to find themselves throughout the very detailed music video production — the scenery is similar to one of a lucid dream. The loneliness and longing for freedom depicted led one to identify themselves to the endless wandering of the main character of this short film. 

The music video’s cinematic approach led the viewer to ponder about the possible timeline of events and their accuracy. Is the singer daydreaming? Is the viewer only witnessing his wishes to fly away, to flee from this complicated and suffocating relationship?

Many fans shared their favorite scenes of the music video on social media. 

Throughout the very detailed “Last Breath” music video production, MARK unveiled a facet of himself that fans have been immediately enticed by. For MARK TUAN, it seems that teamwork makes the dream work. Though the latter is now stepping out on his own music-wise, he still keeps a tight-knit group of friends involved in his upcoming projects. The director behind the music video for the “Last Breath” single is none other than fellow friend, photographer, and videographer Will Chan. His impeccable work on the “Last Breath” music video was applauded by fans and listeners. 

The production team behind the Last Breath music video

Last Breath—It’s a pretty emotional song and in general, I feel like the album and project that I am working on right now are all super emotional songs to me. They are very personal, and a lot of it is about the experiences that I have gone through in Korea.” THE LATERALS, NOVEMBER 2021

In a recent Instagram live, MARK shared his mixed emotions regarding this release. Despite having to wait since August, he is pretty excited for fans to take a listen to what he’s been working on. 

He also shared a bit of hindsight on behind-the-scenes’ anecdotes regarding the scene in which he can be seen punching a mirror, the length of the editing process or even hinting at his upcoming album.

“There is still a lot more for me to grow in terms of music writing and producing and all that, but I kind of like where I am right now. I am not too mad about it, and I hope the fans enjoy the upcoming music that I am going to be releasing.” THE LATERALS, NOVEMBER 2021

MARK has set high expectations with this track, arousing the curiosity of fans, casual listeners and an international audience.

The single led MARK to quickly reach the top of iTunes charts in more than 20 countries, even topping Korean charts. MARK and his “Last Breath” single have also trended worldwide on social media following each teaser’s reveal as well as for the music video’s release. 

Fans quickly took over social media and rejoiced under the hashtags #LastBreath and  #LastBreath_MarkTuan that trended worldwide for the entire day. They shared banter and excitement regarding this new track, applauding the detailed production of the music video.

GOT7 JAEBEOMYOUNGJAEYUGYEOMJINYOUNG and BAMBAM all expressed their tremendous support for MARK’s single on social media.

GOT7 Jinyoung’s Instagram story.
GOT7 JAY B’s Instagram story.
GOT7 Youngjae’s Instagram story.


GOT7 Yugyeom’s Instagram comment.
GOT7 Bambam’s Instagram comment.

MARK is undoubtedly ready to showcase new facets of himself as an artist. As an ever-growing singer-songwriter-composer, many are looking forward to his next steps. He is on his way to embrace a new path, fresh sounds, and style. It will surely be interesting to witness MARK’s artistic growth and how his sounds and performances will be shaped from now on, in this new space of creation.

This is a new start and MARK is more than ready to step into the scene and show he is an artistic force to reckon with. 


We cannot wait to see MARK’s upcoming projects, this new page of his career will surely be a ride!

Congratulations to MARK for the release of his first solo single!


You can find the single “Last breath” music video here: LINK 

The single is now available on all streaming platforms.





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