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MARK is starting his new journey and fans couldn’t be more excited!

GOT7 MARK’s social media profile picture.

MARK TUAN, the oldest member of KPOP group GOT7, has given us a glimpse of his upcoming projects. Let’s take a look at what the latter has been up to!

Shortly after the end of GOT7‘s contract at JYP Entertainment, GOT7 MARK opened his own YouTube channel on January 5th. His channel was an immediate success, it was massively followed by fans – reaching more than 2 million subscribers in no time. He thanked fans for their tremendous support despite the lack of content on his channel in his very first video and comments; he also hinted at the upcoming content he will create and release on said channel.

It was also revealed that MARK would move back to Los Angeles to spend time with his family. MARK had often expressed his longing to see his family that he missed dearly, the home he left back in 2010 to fly across the world and find his own path.

On February 6th, MARK released a brand new video titled “a new beginning…”. The seven-minute-long vlog showed some “behind-the-scenes” footage of MARK’s last moments in Korea.

Fans could see the latter packing both his and his dog’s, Milo, stuff and moving out. GOT7 members JAEBEOM, JACKSON, and YUGYEOM are seen gathering to say their goodbyes. MARK also received phone calls from GOT7 JINYOUNG, YOUNGJAE and BAMBAM before finally reuniting with his family in Los Angeles.

Fans rejoiced and were even pretty emotional to see the group parting ways for the time being, until they figure out how to come back as GOT7 in the most efficient way.

GOT7 members BAMBAM, JAEBEOM and JINYOUNG also took it to their personal social media accounts to say “see you soon” to their friend.

Fans were moved by the video and expressed their excitement for each and every GOT7’s member upcoming projects: sharing artworks, memories of MARK’s path in and out of the group as well as more light-hearted jokes all under the hashtag #OurNewBeginningWithMarkTuan.

Both the hashtag and video sat at the top of worldwide trends.

Throughout his career, MARK dabbled in various fields such as rapping, composing, designing, modeling and much more.

Fans are wondering which way he will now follow; he was able to experiment with various styles and trends in his 30 solo features in fashion magazines but he also showcased various sides of himself in his solo fan meetings in China or as a PUBG streamer.

As an artist, MARK has been extremely dedicated to his team’s craft though his confidence has a solo act has been slowly but steadily growing in the last few years. He is indeed the one behind well-loved B-side tracks such as “See the light”, “Let Me”, or more recently “Born Ready”.

“We GOT7 is getting better and better now, I want to go even further with my brothers.
For me personally, there are many aspects I need to work harder on and do better.”

“There is still so much more to learn and so much more that I want to try out.” STATUS INTERVIEW – May 2019

An important announcement will be made on February 8th: he is rumored to create his own company in China, the Duan Yien Studio.

He will also release a brand new single he teased a while ago called “One In A Million” featuring Sanjoy on February 12th.

One In A Million by Mark x Sanjoy

Be it in GOT7, pictorials or gaming, MARK is consistently growing and breaking through. Thanks to his genuine passion, his perseverance and determination, MARK found himself as an artist in front of our very own eyes. Fans have been a great source of strength and motivation for him, his energy and ambition will do the rest.

And it is just the start of a new page in his journey, one he is ready to embrace fully. He is still on his way to achieve his dreams, striving to fly higher.

We will looking be forward to MARK’s upcoming projects and we cannot wait to see MARK‘s artistic growth in 2021!

You can find MARK‘s official social media accounts and upcoming projects here:





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