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B.I.G : A new teaser for « Flashback »

On 21 November, B.I.G published a new teaser for « Flashback », its comeback that will be released on 23 November at 6 pm KST.

« Flashback » is coming soon and B.I.G GUNMIN, J-HOON, HEEDO, and JINSEOK draw our attention with a second teaser.

In the video, we can see J-HOON watching the MV of « 1.2.3 », « Are You Ready? » and « Hello Hello ». The teaser jumps next to the members enjoying their time while at night. We can hear a sample of the melody with a house beat retro tune and part of the lyrics.

In the comeback documentary, the members explained that « Flashback » was about their story and the things they’ve been through during their eight years of career.

HEEDO wrote the song collaborating with the producer, so we can indeed expect a very personal song.

The members also released a group concept photo in which we can see them close to each other, smiling while holding firework sticks.


B.I.G also posted on its SNS individual teaser photos of GUNMIN with red hair, J-HOON with white hair, and HEEDO with blue hair and JINSEOK. The four of them have a melancholic look like they were daydreaming.

B.I.G has conducted a Global Cover Project by posting various Arab song cover videos such as « La Bezzaf » « LM3ALLEM » « Boshret Kheir », and « 3DAQAT » on SNS. In December 2019, the members were awarded the “Korean Award for shining Korea” in recognition of their contribution to promoting K-pop to the Arab region, and they got appointed as Goodwill Ambassadors for the KAS (Korea-Arab Society) last month.

B.I.G is the first group in K-Pop history that released an album in Arabic thanks to its steady popularity in the Arab region. The group also showed off its global influence by participating in online performances for its global fans.

Meanwhile, the members recently showed off their unique charm as a mixed group with 777 (TRIPLE SEVEN) along with 3YE. 777 debuted in August with the song « Presente ».

The song « Flashback » will come out on 23 November at 6 pm KST.

Journalist: Florence
Translator: Florence
Sources: SNS B.I.G, GH Entertainment

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