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SF9: A remarkable comeback

On this Monday, November 22nd, the SF9 group of FNC ENTERTAINMENT returns to the front of the stage with a tenth mini-album, called “RUMINATION“.


Composed of members YOUNGBIN, INSEONG, JAEYOON, DAWON, ROWOON, ZUHO, TAEYANG, HWIYOUNG and CHANI, the group holds a showcase in Seoul to present their new title; “Trauma”. Only four months since its previous comeback, the group still wants to shine in sensual and charismatic concepts, and this comeback is no exception to the rule. This new album is part of the “9LORY” series as a prequel, the concept of which is about the constant reminiscence of the memories you have. To do this, the album has seven tracks; “Trauma”, “Memory”, “Dreams”, “Gentleman”,On and on”, “Scenario” and finally “for fantasy”. Unusually enough, the showcase opens with performances of the title track, “Trauma”, and “Memory” before the music video for that premiere is released.

The artists are therefore on stage dressed in black, some styles that can make think of the Mafia. The boys are elegant and sexy for these performances, which are partially performed with chairs. For the performance of “Memory”, she takes place sitting, surrounded by smoke to stick to an atmosphere of the ride that she is. They then strike a pose one by one, and regroup afterwards to discuss this comeback. They begin by explaining the title song, whose word “trauma” refers both to an injury, a blow we receive, and also to an event that marks us forever.

Six years after their debut, the members have found the time to quickly prepare for this comeback despite their individual activities such as musicals or filming. Although each begins to develop their own solo careers, the singers say they prefer to be in a group, receiving more energy from their fans. It was a little difficult to adjust to the separate schedule of the young men, but other than that they report not having encountered any particular difficulty during the past four months. The priority for them was above all to come up with an album they could be proud of, waiting to be able to meet their fans face-to-face again. They thus actively participated in the preparation of this comeback, by slipping messages close to their hearts in the various songs of “RUMINATION”.

« We’re making a quick comeback to show our fans that we can take our sexy concept even further and that we can surpass ourselves.»YOUNGBIN

SF9 then tackles their painful subject of military service, profiling themselves for the older members of the group. They just hope to be able to hold activities with their fans before they have to fulfill their duty to the nation. The question is therefore cleverly evaded, and the group changes the subject to focus again on the comeback. They highlight their perseverance, and their determination to progress in their career, and have thus become very involved with FNC ENTERTAINMENT in order to know how to be more charismatic and sensual. Discussions continued until the day before, with members fearing they might not be up to the showcase. Laughing, they elect DAWON and JAEYOON as the sexiest, especially with their electrifying gaze. INSEONG was even outraged by the special energy the two boys managed to exude, but the boys choose TAEYANG as the winner, especially when he is training, wearing more casual clothes. The “winner” is more humble, and claims that all of the members are as sexy and charismatic as each other.

The group then declares that they have no particular goal to look forward to, except to please their fans. Winning an award at a musical show would be just one more accolade, making this comeback mostly for the fans and not the glory. They remember the first time they heard the title song, telling themselves that the title song was more impactful than the band’s previous titles, as was the associated choreography. They believe this title may become popular and even top the trends on SNS. The older members recognize the evolution of the younger ones, who have become men over the years. They conclude the showcase by saying, however, that the songs they prefer to sing are the ones addressed directly to their fans, rather than the title songs for a wider audience. They nevertheless hope to be able to surprise new people, and to be able to present future songs changing from their usual style, or on the contrary, surpassing it.

The words of our reporter: “Another successful comeback for this group which shines with its charisma and its polished songs on stage. I wish them good promotions!

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Translator: Shawn
Photos: Pillet Anaïs

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