LEE MIN HYUK (BTOB) : The man of multiple talents

LEE MIN HYUK is a member of the band BTOB and its subunit BTOB4U.


LEE MIN HYUK was born on November 29th, 1990 in Seoul. He has an older brother called LEE JUNG MIN. He enlisted for his military service on February 7th, 2019 and came back on September 12th, 2020.


LEE MIN HYUK joined CUBE ENTERTAINMENT 2 years after his debuts as a trainee. Before entering in the world of music, he originally wanted to be a football player. His passion for music and singing brought him to JYP ENTERTAINMENT’s auditions. But, after failing at the 5th step, he went to make auditions in some other companies and finally got recruited by CUBE ENTERTAINMENT. This is how he joined the company 7 to 8 months before making his debuts with BTOB.

Man with various talents, he entered the band as a vocalist but became, since, a rapper. He explained that besides his talent for singing, he was enjoying rapping more. Thus, he still sings in some of the songs, including his solo album.

Rapper and singer, LEE MIN HYUK also became a talented composer. As time was passing by, the band  BTOB shown up some determination to create their own music. This, by the way, brought them a lot more success. He participated to the creation of many songs and to the composition of few songs as “Blue moon“, “Guitar (stroke of love)“, “Red lie” or even “Climax“.

He released his first solo album, entitled “HUTAZONE” (HUTA being his nickname) in 2019. The title-track is called “Ya“, in which he raps but also sings.

Before enlisting, the singer wanted to give a last message to his fans through the song “Tonight (With Melody)“, which is part of his album, released just before his enlistment.

Genius rapper and talented singer, LEE MINHYUK is a man that is able to sing a duet with himself!


Non satisfied of being an accomplished musician, he also shown up in few korean series (for a total of 10) and made his fisrt steps on big screens with the movie “The swordsman” (the footage was in 2017 but it got released in 2020).

Every year, in South Korea, are happening some competitions called ISC. They are some olympic games for idols. LEE MINYUK (and other members of BTOB) participated to those, offering big surprises to the audience. Gifted for music, he also is very good at sports. In 2014, he broke the record of High jump, during the ISC (Idol Star Championships) with a jump of 1m85, which got the gold medal.

The same year, he also surprised his audience at the 60 meters sprint. Here goes his second gold medal.


LEE MINHYUK is a man with kind of 2 personalities we could find in his solo album : white side and red side, both explaining somehow his duality.

On one side (white), there is this innocent child-like man  that loves to aegyo (make cute expressions) and is very careful to his fans, as we can see in his MV “Tonight (With Melody)“. He makes a lot of lives on Instagram and VLIVE to spend more time with Melody (fans of BTOB). He also answers the comments regularly left by the fans, especially on twitter. He takes care of the other members of the band. Being part of the “hyung line” (meaning the oldest members), he also scolds the younger members if necessary. He has a particular friendship with the leader of the band, SEO EUN KWANG. He is very emotional and doesn’t hide his feelings in front of his fans.

On the other side (red), there is this manly sexy man that we can eventually meet in his MV “Ya“. Very mannish, LEE MINHYUK does a lot of workouts to keep his body shape he likes to show off.


He also appeared in the magazine MEN’S HEALTH in February 2014.


About his personality, LEE MINHYUK like to tease a lot, wether it is the fans or the other members. Still, the members describe him as an accomplished artist that works with all of his heart, whatever he does. He always does his best.


LEE MIN HYUK is a talented artist. Genius rapper, talented composer and singer, he is also good at sports and loves to spend some time with his fans, which makes the SNS a big mess when he is online. He is in charge of the fanchants he does very well.


Journalist : Natacha
Translator : Natacha
Source : BTOB SNS / MEN’S HEALTH 2014



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