Friday, September 29, 2023
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A.C.E: JUN plays his first main role in the BL drama “Tinted with you”

Moving Pictures Company, which produced BL web dramas “Wish you: your melody in my heart,” “Ryu Seonbi’s wedding ceremony,” and “Florida spot,” is drawing attention by introducing the main characters who will lead the new film “Tinted with you.

Park Junhee, Yoo Hyun Woo, and Kim Tae Jung

The historical BL web drama “Tinted with you” is the second historical drama BL by Moving Pictures Company following Korea’s first historical BL drama “Ryu Seonbi’s wedding ceremony,” and it is a time-slip fantasy romance where Heon, a deposited king in exile along with royal guard meets a man from modern times Eunho.

PARK JUNHEE, a member of the group A.C.E, plays the role of Eunho, a high school student who loves painting.  JUNHEE will skillfully capture Eunho’s desperate feelings as he receives the task of finishing a painting and returning to the present time while protecting what he love.

Yoo Hyunwoo plays Heon, the dethroned cronwed prince who continues his anxious life, feeling threatened by his brother who is the king. Expectations are high on how he will portray the compassion he feels for Eunho when they meet during his exile.

Kim Tae-jung, who showed impressive acting through the MBC drama “Extraordinary you,” will play the role of Geum, Heon’s bodyguard, who is silently protects Heon by facing against assassins.Geum  is a person with a soft personality who thinks and worries about Heon more than anyone else.

Attention is focusing more on the synergy created by actors who have steadily accumulated experience and Moving Pictures Company, the representative of historical BL drama .

Tinted with you” will  premiere on December 23 rd and be released every Thursday and Friday on Viki .

Journalist: Subaru
Translator: Subaru
Source: Beat Interactive, Moving Pictures Company

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