NCT: NCT DREAM unit unveils its teasers

One of the NCT units unveils their personal teasers for the release of their 3rd album.


Today December 1 at midnight, the NCT DREAM unit, which brings together the youngest members of NCT, unveils individual photo teasers of all the members. RENJUN, JAEMIN, MARK, JISUNG, JENO, HAECHAN and CHENLE appear solo in a relaxed look.

NCT will host a “NCT” UNIVERSE “Countdown Live” live on NCT’s YouTube channel for approximately 90 minutes starting at 4:30 PM. on December 14, which should grab the attention of music fans.

On the show that day, NCT will have a great time with fans around the world with a variety of stories related to the third full album, like what they think of this comeback, the presentation of the new album, the job behind the scenes…

NCT’s third full-length album “UNIVERSE”, due out December 14, contains a total of 13 songs, including double-titled songs “Let’s play ball” and “Beautiful”.

NCT’s third full album “UNIVERSE” will be available on various music sites at 6pm on December 14th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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