FTISLAND: The padlock breaks to better reveal it to you

The group FTISLAND will return with its new album “LOCK UP“.

On November 29th, FNC Entertainment released a title poster for the eighth mini album “LOCK UP” on FTISLAND’s official SNS and announced the group’s return after two years and two months. On the published title poster, something, along with the title song “Unthinkable”, is tightly locked with a string.

FTISLAND’s eighth mini album, “LOCK UP“, depicts a painful moment of love that trapped memories in Pandora’s box after a breakup. It shows complex feelings of love from the moment you face the separation until the moment you pledge your love again.

The title song “Unthinkable” is a song that contains realistic feelings that cannot be admitted even if they want to accept the breakup. The appealing voice of lead singer LEE HONG GI is combined with the dismal atmosphere of the song, deeply touching the listeners.

Returning promotional content from FTISLAND, which announced its return with its new song “Unthinkable” on December 10, will be posted regularly on FTISLAND’s official SNS.

And today at 6 p.m. in South Korea, the group published again by revealing the promotional schedule for this comeback. It will start on December 1st with various cover photos before focusing on the MV and the album content with the “highlight medley”.

FTISLAND will be back on December 10th with its 8th mini album “LOCK UP“.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: FNC Entertainment

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