TRENDZ: The profile of the first two members

Interpark Music Plus boy group TRENDZ showed off profile photos.


On November 30th at midnight, Interpark Music Plus, the band’s agency, posted profile photos of two TRENDZ members, HAVIT and LEON, on its official SNS. Additionally, HAVIT and LEON’s profile videos were posted at noon to kick off their full-fledged debuts.

The profile photos of both members posted show LEON drawing attention with his unique childish beauty and chic charm. Then, HAVIT made it impossible to take your eyes off it with its sheer charm and atmosphere that made viewers’ hearts beat with clear eyes. TRENDZ’s “Hyung (older brother)” HAVIT leads the group with a strong and reliable personality, unlike his looks.


LEON, which was unveiled together, catches the eye with his pointy nose and drawn jawline. In the photo, LEON gives off a strong gaze forward, leaving a strong impression in a short instant. Plus, as TRENDZ’s lead dancer, he has the ability to fully perform any performance, raising expectations.

TRENDZ, which includes HAVIT and LEON, are a seven-boy group that will be making their debut in the music industry in January of next year. In addition to HAVIT and LEON, leader CHO HAN HOOK, LEE CHUNG HYUN, LEE TAE HYUN, KIM EUNIL and JEONG YECHAN, are part of the group. While announcing the debut with LEE HAVIT and LEON (Kim Dong-hyun), who met fans as Interboys (working name), there are also questions about the profiles of the five members who will be released in succession.

TRENDZ, a new rising star who will lead Gen Z, made a big impression by posting cover videos of BTS, NCT U and Stray Kids as Interboys (working name) in August ahead of their debut. As he has received enthusiastic attention from fans around the world for his perfectly synchronized dance and error-free performance, attention is focused on the kind of charm that TRENDZ will show on its debut.

Interpark Music Plus is a subsidiary of Interpark Co., Ltd., which has built infrastructure in all areas of culture such as show tickets, book sales, travel and entertainment. Last summer, he announced that he would recruit experts from each field to establish a system and launch a new idol group with a differentiated narrative.

K-POP fans are eagerly awaiting what sort of worldview and unique concept TRENDZ, which entered the first countdown by unveiling the first member profiles, will come.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Interpark Music Plus

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