HWASA: A korean style performance

MAMAMOO’s HWASA receives enthusiastic responses from fans by posting a performance video of her new song, featuring the Korean style.

At 19 ‘o clock. On December 1st, HWASA featured a performance video of the title song “I’m a light” from her second single album “GUILTY PLEASURE” on her official SNS.

The video begins with HWASA looking at the camera with an intense gaze. With the light shining around HWASA, the dynamic movement was emphasized by the difference in hue, maximizing the free, confident and unique charm of HWASA. She created a mysterious ambience with special effects such as smoke screens, completing a more powerful and lively performance.

In particular, as the background was replaced with a “hanok” in the middle of the video, the sound of gayageum (Korean musical instrument) appeared and HWASA drew attention by showing a dancing pause that expressed a Korean hip-hop style in accordance with the rising melody gradually with the dancers.

HWASA has been causing a sensation on the world music charts, like in Korea, since his solo comeback. The new song “I’m a light” topped major national music charts soon after its release, followed by “Fomo” and “Bless U” included in the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund. “I’m a light” was also featured in the Top 10 iTunes Top Song Chart in 19 countries and regions around the world and topped China’s largest music platform, QQ Music Daily Chart.

Additionally, in 2021, HWASA was the first Korean solo artist to simultaneously enter the Billboard World digital song sales chart in the United States with two songs, “I’m light” and “Bless U“, showing her powerful musical power.

Along with her comeback, HWASA has also hosted an “I’m a light” challenge via TikTok, a global mobile video platform, and is currently coloring the world with bright lights with nearly 3 million views.

Currently, HWASA is active in various music and entertainment programs.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: RBW

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