STRAY KIDS: The Christmas trilogy, update on their latest releases

As you probably already know, STRAY KIDS released three music videos to promote their latest album, “CHRISTMAS EVEL“. We wanted to make a little recap for those who missed one of them.


The first clip unveiled on November 29th, and surely the one that made the most noise, is the eponymous single, “Christmas evel“. It already has more than 29 million views. The clip was surprised by its rhythm and its total difference with the songs or clip that came out at this period from other agency. We noticed that opinions were divided and we found it quite interesting to raise it. Either he is worshiped or he is hated.

Subsequently, the agency unveiled “Winter falls” on November 30. The song recalls how melancholy this period can be and is about a love of yesteryear, lost, this lack and this guilt felt during a breakup. The style of the song suddenly became more common and may allow fans to find more familiar tones and fully appreciate the song. The clip counts for its 10 million views.

The latest one is “24 to 25“, it was released on December 5th. It’s definitely the song that everyone agrees on. The clip is warm, the Christmas spirit and the tenderness that emanates from it warms the hearts of all the fans, not to mention the words that are totally addressed to them. The clip is loaded with pop culture reference and the shots are a feast for the eyes. The clip has more than 1.1 Million views.

To conclude, the boys knew how to delight all the fans with drastically different atmospheres in each of the clips and the sounds are all different. They highlighted all the new songs presented in their new album since the only song that did not inherit a music video remains “Domino”, English version. The song having already had a teaser and performances for its Korean version. This end of year gift to please you and allows you once again to long for their next productions.

Note that at the end of the year, the award ceremonies have started and STRAY KIDS had the opportunity to win a Daesang at the AAA, Asia Artist Awards. This prize rewards the best performance of the year and they repotted it with their title “Thunderous”. We are waiting for the other ceremonies to make a complete listing afterwards.

Journalist: Camille
Translator: Shawn

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