VAV: ST VAN is “brother next door” in “Hello trot”

ST VAN (Lee Geum-hyuk), a member of boy group VAV, heated up the home theater with a spectacular performance in “Hello Trot“.

ST VAN appeared on MBN’s “Hello Trot,” which aired at 9:40 p.m. on December 7th, and reached the final with Kim Soo-hee’s team.

Before the finale, ST VAN appeared on the stage of the group song “Fanfare” and put on a perfect performance and song as he was a pillar that helped the band members acquire choreography.

In the stage practice that followed, ST VAN expressed his passion for the stage, and he trained seriously, raising expectations for the scene he will show.

In Kim Soo-hee’s team, who put on a family-themed performance, ST VAN transformed into “Brother next door”, presented gestures with a cute expression consistent with the witty lyrics and sang “옆집 오빠 (The brother next door)” with enthusiasm, benefiting from the strong skills of VAV’s lead singer.

ST VAN, who showed perfect harmony with his team members, along with his composed voice and cool voice, reminded of a wonderful brother with his leather jacket style, creating a warm appearance.

In particular, for the panel of judges, compared to the exciting scene of ST VAN turned out to be “a scene which introduced the direction of Newtrot“, and head coach Kim Soo-hee also drew the be careful when choosing the “Brother next door” team.

The lead singer of VAV, ST VAN, can be found every Tuesday at 9:40 pm on MBN.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: MBN Hello Trot YouTube

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