KICK CAFE: MONSTA X event in France

A preview at the Kick café – Paris to discover the new album “THE DREAMING“.

This December 9 at 3 pm, the Kick café organized an event specially dedicated to the MONSTA X group.

Indeed, the group is releasing its new album “THE DREAMING” and the Kick café in partnership with BMG, the group’s French record company, is organizing an event to preview the album in the presence of a handful of fans (selected through a competition organized by MONSTA X France and the Kick café).

And yes because the album “THE DREAMING” is released today in South Korea, Australia and Japan, but will not be available until tomorrow in mainland France. It is therefore exclusively that twenty people were able to preview the album and discover its content.

Among the people invited, the fan base of @Hyungwonfrance who helped for the event, and your media KSTATION TV.

During the event, fans were able to participate in a small blindtest specially dedicated to the group MONSTA X, were able to give voice for a karaoke on the group’s tracks and finally have the pleasure of listening to the entire album before everybody. Finally after this listening, they were able to have in hand the album and discover the photos, poster and photo card contained in it.

But an additional surprise delighted the fans and even saw some tears fall, because the group left a message especially for the French MONBEBE.

Located in the second arrondissement of Paris, the Kick café is the first concept store dedicated to South Korea. You can come and enjoy drinks specially prepared for you in connection with the Kpop groups, but you can also participate in the various events that the café organizes to make you enjoy Korean music, culture or even beauty. In addition, you can find different products, CDs, or even some food.

Don’t hesitate to follow Kick café on social networks so as not to miss the next organized events.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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