KANG DANIEL: Discover the artist in 7 dates and 5 facts for his birthday

Today we celebrate the birthday of KANG DANIEL, born on 10 December 1996, he is now 25 years old!


For the occasion, let’s discover (or re-discover) through 7 dates how KANG DANIEL, a solo artist, has gradually achieved to have his current popularity. As a bonus 5 facts about him.

April 7, 2017: It all started when he joined MNET‘s PRODUCE 101 (season 2) in 2017. He became known at the time as the pink-haired trainee, the broad-shouldered one, or through his friendship created with LEE WOOJIN (a member of the band THE EAST LIGHT). On top of that, he was noticed for having multiple talents. Being in the rapper category, he almost always sang during the show. He was recognized for his dancing talents, having b-boyed before.

June 16, 2017: This journey ended in a great success as he won the first place in the final, placing him directly as the “center” of the group formed: WANNA ONE.


During this period in WANNA ONE, his popularity continued to grow, letting him appearing in shows such as “It’s dangerous beyond the blankets” (for 2 seasons) and “Master key“, where he was very well welcomed, both on the sets and by the audience.

November 25, 2017: The famous MAMA awards ceremony in which he won with WANNA ONE 3 awards: Best of Next, Best New Male Artist, and Best Male Group.

It will be followed in 2018 by 4 other awards: Best Male Group, DDP Best Trend, Worldwide Fan’s Choice Top 10, as well as Best Unit for the sub-unit TRIPLE POSITION of WANNA ONE of which KANG DANIEL was part of.

His success did not stopped on stage. Although KANG DANIEL is an idol, he is also recognized as a fashion figure, starting to pose for brands and making the front cover of some magazines. In fact, he was the first male celebrity (in 14 years) to make the cover of the fashion magazine InStyle.

December 31, 2018: His contract with WANNA ONE ends and two final goodbye concerts were held on January 24 and 27, 2019. But his adventure did not there!

June 2019: He founds his own agency: KONNECT ENT. and makes his debut as a soloist on July 25, 2019. He releases his first mini-album “COLOR ON ME” and announces the name of his fandom: the DANITY.

August 9, 2019: KANG DANIEL receives his first trophy since his solo debut with the music program MUSIC BANK. This trophy was awarded between “What are U up to” by KANG DANIEL and “Icy” by the girlgroup ITZY.

January 2020: KANG DANIEL is elected “best idol” on BESTIDOL for the month of January 2020.

Today, he continues to work hard on his musical projects while offering a variety of other content to fans, from interviews to guest appearances on TV shows.

KANG DANIEL in 5 facts:

– His birth name is Kang Eui-geon (강의건). He decided to legally change his first name to KANG DANIEL because it was difficult to pronounce for his family and relatives.
– He hates insects and grapes.
– He has 4 cats: Peter, Rooney, Ori, and Zhang Ah. Peter and Rooney are females but he thought at first they were males.
– His ideal type is someone older than him from whom he could learn.
– His role models are SEVENTEEN for their teamwork; BTS for their powerfulness, and EXO because they are cool.

Let’s wish a happy birthday to KANG DANIEL.

Journalist: Louise
Translator: Louise
Source: Happy Together; Twitter @konnect_danielk; Instagram @daniel.k.here; Mnet; “Okay Wanna One” Ep 32; VLive

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