A.C.E : Get to know CHAN for his birthday

For this last day of the year, get to know more about CHAN from the group A.C.E.


KANG YUCHAN was born on December 31st, 1997 on Jeju Island. YUCHAN is the maknae and lead singer of the five members group A.C.E. Before becoming interested in music, CHAN played football, at 14 he started dancing in Jeju in a hiphop crew called Alive87.

In the benining of 2015, he left Jeju for Seoul and became a trainee at JYP Entertainment where he met  KIM BYEONGYEONGKWAN. In septembe 2015, he left JYP Entertainment for Beat Interactive and was hosted by BYEONGKWAN‘s family, while their new agency found them a dormitory.

Between 2015 and 2017, along with the other members of the group, CHAN made appearances in several shows and dramas, participated in buskin in the streets of Seoul and posted covers on the group’s YouTube channel.

In 2017, the group finally made its debut but the success was not there. To boost their popularity, the members participated in two survivial shows at the end of 2017 YUCHAN and JUNHEE at The Unit on KBS and DONGHUN, SEYHOON and BYEONGKWAN at Mixnine on JTBC.

Thanks to his vocal performances, his stage presence and his playful temperament YUCHAN won the hearts of the voters and was able to be part of the winning group of The Unit and he therefore made a debut as the main singer of UNB.

For 1 year 1/2 YUCHAN is part of the group UNB, the first 9 months he didn’t participate in any promotion with A.C.E, the next 9 months, he had a busy schedule because he participated in the promotions of both groups.

In February 2019, UNB dissolves and CHAN is back at 100% with A.C.E. He was then offered several OST for dramas alone or accompanied by members of A.C.E.

In 2020, CHAN debuts as an actor alongside Kim Wooseok and Han Sungmin in the web drama “Twenty-twenty, despite having a supporting role, CHAN attracting the attention of viewers and Bohyun, his character’s name, was the most research name at Naver’s serach engine at the end of the drama’s broadcast, moreover fans of the drama are asking for a second season with Boyhun and Yeeun’s romance as main plot.

He continues his acting career with a few appearances in the KBS drama “Zombie Detective”.

At the end of 2020, he co-hosted Idol Wonderland on the Seezn web channel, with Highlight’s Lee Gikwang.

YUCHAN is very energetic, always cheerful, he’s the group’s mood maker and he explains this by the fact that his parents have a tangerine farm, and that he used to eat a crate of tangerine a day, hence he’s full of vitamin C.

Singer, dancer, actor and now host, YUCHAN is an all rounder idol who gives himself 200% in all aspects of his work while being always postif.

Journalist: Subaru
Source: Beat Interactive / KBS / Playlist / Seezn

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