LOONA: CHUU will help you with your studies

In the LOONA group, CHUU has been selected as a model for the online extracurricular service and will continue her incessant activities.


According to Blockberry Creative, the group’s agency today, CHUU has been selected as the official template for the online extracurricular services installation tab.

The brand chose our artist as a role model because of the bright and lovely images of CHUU, a popular icon of the MZ generation, and our brand aimed at “study that excites me”.

“We look forward to a positive chemistry with CHUU”.

The purpose of this advertisement is that you can see the witty and cute play of CHUU in every situation, in three versions, with various spaces and messages. CHUU is expected to grab the attention of viewers with her unique vitamin charm and bouncy energy.


In particular, as CHUU has previously shown her appearance as a versatile artist by serving as an advertising model for various brands and products such as ionic drinks, chicken, ramen and cards, expectations are doubled as to how it will leave a strong impact in this area.

CHUU also appears in various entertainment programs such as “Steel Troops” and online content “CHUU can do it“, she has established herself as a trend with her name and with her charm and extraordinary sense of entertainment.

Currently LOONA, to which CHUU belongs, continues its activities by going back and forth between albums and national and foreign soundtracks, shows, advertisements and photos.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Blockberry Creative

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