FROMIS_9: A quick comeback for a new year

The FROMIS_9 group (Saerom, Hayoung, Gyuri, Jiwon, Jisun, Seoyeon, Chaeyoung, Nagyung, and Jiheon) will continue to work hard in 2022.


FROMIS_9 showed the standard of a “Fresh summer song” with their second single album “9 WAY TICKET” with the concept of “랜선 여행” which allowed visitors to go anywhere in May of last year, heating up the music industry.

They broke their own record for initial sales and swept to the top of the domestic and foreign music charts, and recently proved their worldwide popularity by being named in “25 Best K-Pop Songs of 2021: Critics’ Picks” selected by Billboard.

In September of last year, the band imprinted their presence as “Healing mate” with their special single album “TALK & TALK“. At the same time as the exit, it managed to reach the top of the charts in Korea as well as those abroad.

In particular, it achieved remarkable results with great attention from global fans on its first comeback after joining Pledis Entertainment, ranking first in music shows for the first time since its debut.


FROMIS_9, which is growing steadily, will release their fourth mini album “MIDNIGHT GUEST” on January 17th and meet fans around the world. As the group left a significant mark last year, enthusiastic responses are pouring in for this quick comeback after about four months.

Above all, FROMIS_9 has raised expectations by announcing a variety of promotions from this comeback that will be unveiled sequentially showing a different vibe and more mature visuals with concept video trailers for their fourth mini album and official photos. As a result, attention is drawn to the global trend and performance of FROMIS_9, who announced the start of their hard work in 2022 with their fourth mini album “MIDNIGHT GUEST“.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Pledis Entertainment

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