Tuesday, October 3, 2023

ZE:A: A short video that makes fans’ eyes shine

The ZE:A group had announced surprise content on its social networks.


After the publication of a photo representing the members of the group as well as the famous “Coming soon”. KIM DONG JUN one of the members had left a handwritten letter to celebrate the 12 years of the group ZE:A.

The next day, a new photo attracts attention because in addition to highlighting the link to ZE:A‘s YouTube channel, it displays the full list of members.

A few days later, another member of the group MOON JUN YOUNG left a post to celebrate ZE:A‘s 12th anniversary.

Enfin aujourd’hui un teaser vidéo est publié, et là, c’est encore plus la joie pour les fans car même si cette vidéo est très courte, elle montre bien que l’ensemble des membres est présent dans celle-ci, pour un simple petit salut qui fait chaud au cœur.

In order to discover the video in its entirety, you will have to wait a little longer, but what would it be the joy of a gift if there was no waiting 😉

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS ZE:A

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