MOON BYUL: Take on the “Lunatic” challenge

MAMAMOO’s MOON BYUL‘s new dance challenge to “Lunatic” is creating a buzz in South Korea and overseas.

MOON BYUL recently released a challenge video for title track “Lunatic” from her third mini album “6EQUENCE” via the official account of mobile video platform TikTok, and starting with dancer Aiki, Hook, Jeon Somi and Jae Jjae, received a great response online.

In the video, MOON BYUL performs a nice dance to the chorus of “Lunatic”. It arouses interest with easy movements that everyone can follow, like movements expressing mood swings.

In particular, the dancer Aiki and the dance team Hook, who created the choreography of “Lunatic”, participate in the challenge themselves and attract attention. Famous for their performances, they gave the pleasure of perfectly assimilating the choreography of “Lunatic” with their unique hip and humorous movements.

MOON BYUL‘s “Lunatic” challenge started on TikTok on January 19. With the participation of users around the world, it shows its great popularity with nearly 5 million views for the first week of MOON BYUL‘s comeback.

The new song “Lunatic” is a house genre song that expresses the feelings of a person in love in a state of boredom with addictive choruses, and the trendy and enjoyable way of MOON BYUL changing emotions twelve times a day, being out of control.

Immediately after its release, “Lunatic” topped the iTunes Top Songs chart in 11 countries and regions around the world, including Brazil, the Philippines, Malaysia, Peru, Mexico and Poland, and the music video for the song entered at number two on YouTube. trend all over the world.

MOON BYUL is taking part in MBC’s “Show Music Core” today (22) and will continue hercomeback activities with her new song “Lunatic”.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: RBW

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