APINK: APINK releases new album “HORN”

APINK has released all the songs from the special album “HORN” and the music video for the title track “Dilemma” on various music sites to commemorate its 10th anniversary.


This album commemorates the 10th anniversary of APINK’s debut and is the first album released by APINK in one year and 10 months. HORN, meaning “horn”, metaphorized both dilemma options with horns. As we talk about escaping between the two horns as a way to avoid a dilemma, it means that we have to escape between the two horns together, although there are many choices and difficult situations. Moreover, it also means that the members of APINK poured tremendous affection and soul into the album.

As the wait was long, APINK gave fans meaningful gifts, including a total of 11 songs including “Dilemma”,Holy moly“, “My oh my“, “Nothing”,Red carpet“, “Single rider“, “Free & love“, “Just like this“, “Trip”,

The participation in writing and composing the lyrics of all the members is also remarkable.


Producer duo Black Eyed Pilseung, who showed synergy with APINK with “I’m so sick”, “%% (Eung Eung)” and “Dumhdurum”, and the title track “Dilemma”, are pop dance songs with an impressive melody.

APINK members’ visuals have also become more intense and colorful than their previous works. In the music video, APINK visually maximized the characters’ emotions with colorful accessories and dresses as well as makeup that highlights the eye area.

In addition to this, the “voging” dance genre was used for the performance to captivate both the eyes and the ears. The point is the section in which the up and down movements are repeated in the chorus to express the dilemma.

APINK, which debuted in 2011 and is loved for its innocent concepts such as “Mr. Chu”, “NoNoNo” and “Luv”, managed to transform into a mature and sexy look with “I’m so sick“. APINK, who have already become a longtime girl group beyond their 10th year since their debut, proved their popularity by winning eight awards on music shows with their previous title track “Dumhdurum.”

Attention is focused on whether APINK, which has been active in various fields during a long hiatus, will be able to make this album a success. However, SON NAEUN, who left for YG Entertainment last year, regrets not being able to participate in promotional activities except for the album jacket and music video, due to coordination issues her schedule.

Meanwhile, APINK will unveil their special short film “HORN” on February 23 via the T&Cs, which contains interviews along with the album’s production story.

Journalist: Emma
Translator: Shawn
Source: IST Entertainment

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