YOUNITE: The new group that will unite you

Brand New Music’s new boy group YOUNITE has finally officially announced its name and group logo.

On the official YOUNITE SNS, which opened at midnight today, the two planets that appeared in the background of the dream universe merged into one, and the letters formed the words “YOU & I “, continuing with the movement video of the logo that has been unveiled.

The video, which captures the process of creating the YOUNITE group’s logo, drew more attention from fans, hinting at the meaning contained in the group’s name, especially with the narration “WE ARE CONNECTED“, which means as soon as the letters “UNI” connect together.

YOUNITE, a word composed of the word YOU, which means “you” and the word UNITE, which means “union”, always contains a promise to be one with the fans in the name of the group, giving a strong belief in the organic synergy that members will create with fans in the future.

YOUNITE, Brandnew Music‘s first multi-member boy group, has announced that it will become the leader of the next generation boy group by showing its charm, talents and eye-catching visuals with various pre-promotional contents, like vocal covers, vlogs and hip-hop unit songs.

Starting today, YOUNITE will be accelerating their debut by sequentially releasing prologue videos and promotional content for their debut album through their official SNS.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Brandnew Music

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