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EXO: A second solo album for SUHO

EXO‘s leader SUHO announced in a live his intention to release his second solo album.

After being officially discharged from the military on February 14, SUHO reconnected with his fans in a Youtube live this Saturday. In a 1 hour long live, SUHO first answered fans’ questions in the chat and then talked about what fans can look forward to. On the latter, SUHO talked about EXO‘s 10-year anniversary, his acting career as well as the release of his second album after “Self-Portrait“.

For EXO‘s 10th anniversary, SUHO confirmed that the band is planning an event for April 8, 2022. With Covid 19 restrictions, SUHO has not confirmed whether the event will be online or face-to-face, but promised that the members will at least make a “small gift for the fans”

EXO’s 10th Anniversary~ Time flies really quickly. I’m already a singer who has debuted for 10 years. When I’m looking in the mirror, I still feel like I’m a high-schooler … no a university student! ”

SUHO also talked about his acting career, and that he is currently receiving and reading scripts. He also said that he loves musicals, like his role in “The Man Who Laughs” and would love to do more in the future. 

For his second album, SUHO has confirmed its release, without date confirmation.

“I’m not sure when the album will come out. It might be a full-length album, not a mini album. I thought about it during those 2 years (in the military) and I want to tell people about it. It will definitely be deeper than “Self-Portrait” and I will write and compose the songs.”

To the great surprise of the fans watching the live broadcast, a 10-second teaser was revealed at the very end of SUHO‘s live, which could be either a teaser for SUHO‘s second album or a teaser for EXO‘s comeback:

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Journalist: Julie
Translator: Julie
Source: EXO SNS

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