Saturday, September 30, 2023

KINGDOM: It all starts with DANN

Typical outfits to start these teasers.


While just before the weekend, the group KINGDOM unveiled the promotional schedule for its comeback, today at midnight in South Korea, the first photos were published.

As the fans suspected, the next member who will be honored in this comeback will be DANN and it is therefore natural that he is the first to reveal his personal teasers.

On February 17, the boys of the group KINGDOM had announced on their SNS the coming of their comeback. On February 18th we discovered the promotion schedule and on February 21, DANN’s photos are online.

In these photos DANN wears typical and historical Korean outfits, a hanbok of different colors, with gilding and bright colors immediately propelling him to the rank of king, adorned with the typical and traditional “Gat” on his head. The modern touch comes from the different piercings that DANN sports around the left eyebrow.

For now, the ideas on the concept remain on the historical level but the concept and the teasers are only just beginning. As the calendar announces, we will discover each member individually until February 27 before moving on to a new concept and the teaser which will take us to the MV and the album.

The group KINGDOM will make its comeback on March 17 with its 4th mini-album “History Of Kingdom: PartⅣ. Dann”.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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